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Glazing Audits

Glass audits for commercial and domestic start from $350 Including GST. Having completed a glass audit first entitles you to a very large discount on any additional work that you may then require us todo.

An audit maybe required if you are intend to sell a property or your intention is to bring the glass up to code. The code having being updated in 2006, mandated the use of safety glass in many more situations. The point here being safety and an audit will detail any changes you need to make as per the building code AS-1288.

Once the audit is completed we can issue a Form 15 or 16 if required for your circumstances or we typically supply a spreadsheet as per the example below.

Form 15—A building design or specification will, if installed or carried out under the certificate, comply with the relevant building laws;

Form 16—That an aspect of building work complies with the building approval and the relevant building laws.

Glass Audit

  Location Type Size & Quantity Product Compliant   with AS1288-06
1 Entry fixed panel to a door 900x 500 4mm clr toughened Yes
2 Entry fixed panel to a door 1200 x 510 6mm clr toughened yes
3 Main Entry side panel to a door 955 x 508 5mm clr   float yes
1 Laundry door 1@ 1955 x 796 6.38 clr laminate yes

Examples of where an audit maybe required.

Roof glazing such as skylights, entrance ways, glass with difficult access, pool fencing, bathroom renovations.

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